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In an era of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.  Yukon Jack is the most radical writer on the internet, telling the most uncomfortable truths about this hell reality.

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The Solution to the Refugee Crisis is to Bomb Israel


Europe is drowning in a refugee crisis – what is the solution besides committing national suicide?  A plethora of articles have popped up, many saying we are watching in real-time the suicide of Europe, and the end of the White race.  They are correct.  We must do something beside just react to millions of people hoofing it out of the Middle East.  What is the correct solution to the problem?


Not one writer on this planet, says the obvious – BOMB ISRAEL.  Let me be very clear, the entire crisis in Syria, where millions upon millions of people are fleeing for their lives is caused by intentional Jewish policies of ethnically cleansing the Middle East of all Arabs.


Most people, are completely unaware what the Jewish Zionist long term policies are, to create Greater Israel and to wipe out anyone that isn’t Jew.   Most Europeans can not comprehend that God’s chosen people are monsters.

The vast majority of Europeans are not Muslim of Jews, they are Christians or have Christian cultural values.  Christians can not comprehend anything close to reality because they have their heads stuck in a Jew holy book and are completely unable to comprehend Jew treachery.


The Only Path to World Peace is to Bomb Israel


Christians would like you to believe the path to world peace is belief in Jesus.  This is retarded nonsense, belief in the Jesus spell makes Christians blind to Jewish policies like genocide and war through deception.  Jews have subverted the American state and turned it into an immoral vassal of Israel, the American empire faces catastrophic collapse because of Christian allegiance to Jewry.


American Christians are the last people on the planet to realize that Israel did 911 or that the Holocaust is Jewish propaganda, thus belief in Jesus makes you blind and to resist truth.  911 has revealed the fraud of Christianity and the nonexistence of their savior – no god Jesus is leading the sheep.  Jesus is not working, he ain’t whispering in any pastor’s ear, the flock is clueless and being led astray.

While Christians celebrate their fraudulent savior the Israelis are planning their next false flag attack on America, in the meantime Zionist pastors are rallying the Evangelicals around the demon state of Israel.  The situation has reached critical proportions in the Middle Eastern states being torn to shreds by this unholy alliance – Christians are now the main problem with Zionist power.


Why do evangelicals so strongly support Israel?

“We believe the Bible teaches that God made a special covenant with his chosen people, the Jews, detailed in the 12th and 17th chapters of the Book of Genesis. The Abrahamic was that Abraham would have unlimited divine blessing, fame, and influence, and that the blessing would extend to his seed, out of whom all the nations of the earth would be blessed. And we believe that is a prophecy concerning the Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who was a Jew and of the seed of Abraham. And also that those who blessed Abraham would be blessed and those who cursed Abraham would be cursed and that the land would be given to them forever.

Evangelicals support Israel for several reasons–number one, because they believe the Bible teaches that God gave [Jews] that land forever and that they are God’s chosen people; and number two, that God blesses those that bless the Jews and curses those who curse the Jews. Consequently, we believe America needs to bless the Jews and Israel because if we bless the Jews and support Israel, God blesses us. And if we don’t, God curses us.”


Christians love Israel for the simple reason of Bible memes.  The Bible a memetic virus takes hold of the mind, bound with fear of punishment in this life and the next, Christians foolishly support the very nation that is destroying them.  If you support Israel while it destroys you because of some mistaken god belief, then you have committed suicide.  How can anyone deny that Christianity is a death cult?


The entire War of Terror is a Jewish construct kick started by 911.  As the world comes to it’s senses, as the world wakes up to Jewish terror, as the world finally admits that they were duped by the holy ones, leaders must take action to stop Israel and free the world from the endless terror of the Jews.


Without American Christian Evangelical support there would be no genocide of the Palestinians, there would be no Zionist subversion of Congress, the political policies of Benjamin Netanyahu would not have a positive standing amongst the law makers.  The only reason Israel gets away with mass murder and false flag bombings is because of the Bible mind spell.


The Importance of Nuking Jerusalem


The world is completely insane because it thinks Jerusalem is a “holy” city, many think it to be the holiest city of all time. But that is patently insane.  Jerusalem is one of the bloodiest towns of all time. According to Wikipedia:

During its long history, Jerusalem has been attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, besieged 23 times, and destroyed twice.[1]

Jerusalem is not holy or good, it is a religious power center contested by three of the world’s major religions. Jerusalem has been fought over for millenia, thousands have died horrible deaths when they went to that town.  Would you want to live there?  How many people have been hacked to death by the religious zealots who claim that town as their own?  Jerusalem is the most evil place on planet earth because it is the center of a Judaic black magic spell.


There will never be peace on earth until Jerusalem is completely obliterated and no hope is left for supremacist Jews of building their capital city.  It is the long dream of the Jewish egoists to rule earth from Jerusalem, this is why it must be nuked and turned into a huge radioactive crater so that never happens.  We must not only stop the Jews from taking over the planet but also to break the spell that the Abrahamic religions have over mankind.  Jerusalem must be nuked to save the human specie!

I am probably one of only a few minds on this planet that fully understands the problem at hand.  Christianity is a deadly Judaic spell that has captured the western world and much of it is now married to Zionism and Israel which is creating endless death and suffering.  In order to save lives, end the eternal suffering caused by the Yahweh spell, it is absolutely necessary to destroy Jerusalem.  The same logic used on the nukes dropped on Japan comes to mind, the will of the Jew must be broke, Jerusalem must be completely vaporized leaving no Zionist dreamer any hope of revival.


The Jews also stole the concept of Brahman and inverted the Hindu spell into Abraham.  From the Brahman came the Abrahamic spell.  Hinduism was the source of Abraham, and it was called the Sanatan Dharma back then so it is easy to see that Sanatan became Satan, the adversary of Jewish supremacy.  Never forget the tribe of Jewish thieves first stole their religion from Hinduism then demonized it.

The word ‘Satan’ is a slur of the Sanatan, Jews hate rival religions, especially one’s that they steal spiritual knowledge then rebrand it as their own.  Satan is not a god or a devil, it is a curse on the original name of Hinduism.  For instance, modern Baptists consider Hinduism and yoga to be Satanic.  They are correct in the classic sense of the term, yoga is of the Sanatan Dharma.  Note that “Satan” is a meme being used to describe all that which opposes Judaism.

From the original Abrahamic spell came the New Testament, another fictional tale of a Jewish savior who rescues you from the false construct of the Jewish father god’s wrath.  Now we know that Josephus invented the Christian myth, now we know for 100% surety that Jesus is the rebranded Jew Zeus being used to mind control the masses.  Jews have inverted reality in your mind, they have enlisted you in resisting the spiritual knowledge by getting you to believe in god’s adversary Satan, which is really Hinduism or the Sanatan Dharma which is the knowledge of the spiritual realm downloaded to this realm by the ancient yogis way back when.

Christ never died for your sins, nobody can die for your afterlife hopes.  The idea of salvation is one of the greatest deceptions of the priestly class.  Afterlife promises are deceptions that can never be proven or delivered.  Christ never existed, it is a derivative memespell lifted from the Krishna story , Jesus the Christ is a respin of Hindu god Krishna.  In order to get you to believe the Jewish inversion of Hinduism – the evil Rabbi invented sin, soul, and afterlife punishment to control you in this life.


It is worse than blatant plagiary, the Rabbis inverted the meaning of the Brahman into the psycho Abraham.  All of the Abrahamic religious memespells are based on the crazy Old Testament story of God telling Abraham to deceive his son Isaac by taking him up to the top of the hill and killing him.  The meaning of this story is to inculcate obedience to the Jewish Rabbis.  Not only does Abraham take his son up to slaughter him, the story is one of betrayal of the son by the father.  Pure evil, and only a story that an evil Jew could come up with.

Abraham is the father of Jews, only Jews would come up with a story so evil – and you are part of their evil if you believe it for even one second.  Tribal loyalty is what is being established with this bloody myth, Jews are claiming that god tested his loyal servant with an act of betrayal and cruelty.  The God of the Jews is an unrelenting prick, a gang leader who destroys anyone or anything in the path of domination.  The “Good News” about this story is that it isn’t true, not what the evil Christians claim that Jewsus is going to save you from this fictional tale of the angry god who is going to send you to hell in afterlife dementia believed by religious zealots.

Humans are the pathetic race of liars to have hung onto this stupid story for so long.  No god told Abraham to kill his son as a test of loyalty.  That is a blatant lie of the evil Jew spirit who spins negativity into creation myths to get political power.  All non-Jews should view this story with revulsion and disdain, all thinking people should view this story as a source of Jewish psychopathy, all loving persons should reject the demanding needy god of the Jews as a loving creator.

I know the Jewish religion to be inauthentic because their spiritual stories are not just pure evil of Rabbinic ego but also that they blatantly lifted someone else’s spiritual teachings.  Abraham is not some real Jewish patriarch because the name of the person Abraham is the very obvious Brahman meme that predates Judaism by thousands of years.  Yahweh can not be the creator god because Yahweh is the destroyer war god that kills and kills and kills.

As the world is waking up from the spell it will have difficulty grasping what was done in the name of the Jew god.  Who can face reality after we bombed Germany, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.?  Who can come to grips with reality when you undo the Jewish spell the possesses European minds?  Death is the only way out for Europeans unless they come to grips with the Christian spell that bonds them to Jewry.

When are we going to snap out of the spell?  When are we going to stand in front of our acts and disown the Jewish religion as causal?  When are we going to prosecute all those who force the nation into war after war for Jewish domination?  When are we going to prosecute 911 and bomb Israel off the map?  I will tell you when.  We will bomb Israel as soon as we get our balls back.  You first must completely reject Jews and their religion, then you find your will to survive, then act on your will and destroy the center of Jewish power, Jerusalem.


This terrible spell of Abrahamism is killing the world.  There was no Old Testament Abraham because the character is stolen from Hinduism.  There is no New Testament Jesus because that character was also stolen from the Gita.  The Holy Bible is not holy, it is demented black magic spell making hell in our world and we must end it.  The way the Jew pulls this off is by inverting reality on it’s head.

Brah·man ˈbrämən/
2.  (in Hinduism) the ultimate reality underlying all phenomena.

What is obvious is that the underlying reality to the illusion of life is what modern physics describes as the quantum foam.  Modern particle physics has caught up to Hinduism when David Bohm realized that this explicate realm was the result of the hidden implicate, and now many physicists are saying this is a simulation, that the Universe is consciousness expressed in some grand hologram.   The Brahman is the Implicate, it is the quantum foam from which all matter in the hologram arises.

The Hindu concept of the Brahman is turned on its head with the story of Abraham.  The Hindu creation story inverts god’s love for humanity into a pathetic test of loyalty under the Jewish dictation.  God is testing Abraham’s loyalty by demanding a human sacrifice – his oldest son.  This is what a gang does, not a loving god.  What kind of sick tribe writes a story where you kill your own offspring for god?  Jews!

Humanity is being mind controlled by a terrible Jewish myth.  We believe our souls are threatened so we kill in the name of our god.  The judgment of the Holy Bible is going to get us all killed if we don’t wake up soon.  People consider the Holy Bible to be a book of love but it is also a book of judgment.  God judges again and again but god is also love.  How can that be?  It can’t be, love and judgment are polar opposites.  The Bible is schizophrenic in nature because it is equating opposites.  Love and judgment are equated and the result is catastrophic because now the followers of this book have nuclear weapons.

Jewish psychiatrists will be the first to tell you that if you talk to god and god talks back then that is schizophrenia.  Yet the entire Bible story is based on the schizophrenia of Abraham!


noun: schizophrenia

  1. a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.
This so-called holy book of the Jews is the evil that is destroying western man and it is time to root out the evil.  The Dalai Lama says ‘Love is the absence of judgment.’  If he is right then the Bible is wrong.  Love does not demand sacrifice on your part, love accepts as is the real you, love doesn’t test you or demand you obey.  Love does not want you to be an unthinking, loyal tool of the priestly class.  If there is a failure of western people it is not understanding what love is and then equating Judaism with love, which is to equate judgment with love.  Love and judgment are polar opposites, and if Judaism does one thing, it creates this illusion in the mind that judgment is an act of love.
There are certain striking similarities between the Hindu god Brahma and his consort Saraisvati, and the Jewish Abraham and Sarai, that are more than mere coincidences
It is an interesting fact that the names of Isaac and Ishmael are derive from Sanskrit: (Hebrew) Ishaak = (Sanskrit) Ishakhu = “Friend of Shiva.” (Hebrew) Ishmael = (Sanskrit) Ish-Mahal = “Great Shiva.”

European descent into Jewish hell when you make Abraham your father

We must overcome the spell, gather up our collective will and stop our genocide by believing the Jew book.  We must break free of the Jewish spell and the quickest way is to rid the world of Jerusalem.  So much damage is being done while so many people love Jerusalem yet right next door is the suffering of Gaza at the hands of the Jew beast.



The Dome of the Rock is the perfect ground zero, the Radar Navigator can scroll the crosshairs of the bombing navigation computer on the gold dome.  Make no mistake what is going to happen with this great act of love by nuking Israel, we free ourselves forever from the evil Jew spell of the Holy Bible.  We end an age of superstition, we become human, fully conscious beings in this Universe.

Virulent Nationalism Coming to Amerika


America has been taken over and subverted by Jews.  America has been trance-formed into police state Amerika.  Amerika is the corrupt Jewish controlled society that is just like Weimar Germany before Hitler. As Titanic Amerika sinks from the excessive debts, regulations, internal police state policies, external wars of aggression the nation will be forced to save itself from oblivion by turning to a charismatic nationalistic leader.


As Amerika collapses the people are going to react to the loss of jobs and corruption, they will look to an alpha male or strong leader.  The nation will be re-organized during the chaotic period into a militaristic national socialist society.  This is coming and is inevitable as Americans wake up to the Jewish problem.  Trump’s “America first” meme is only the start of this new trend.  America is going down and the new trend will be to turn inward and save the nation.

But is Trump the new Hitler?  I don’t know but my guess he may be too early, things are not bad enough yet.  Looking at the current deterioration of the early Trump administration, the Saker says Trump is more like Yanukovich than Putin.  In other words Trump is a business man, a man who gets along with the money men and he is not the charismatic alpha male needed that leads the nation out of the Jewish shithole.  Flynn’s resignation probably means Donald Trump just got his balls cut off, he’s a castrated and lame pragmatist, the lukewarm pretender of Napoleon.

Whether Trump lacks brains, spine, or balls is anyone’s guess, but it is now painfully clear that he has much more in common with Yanukovich then with Putin.


The only way Trump can be a great leader is to ramp up the infighting to nuclear war and start arresting and or killing his opposition in Congress and the deep state.  He must seize power by removing Jews from power.   The state is force, nice guy policies don’t work during desperate times.  The state is organized violence against the individual, and the only way Trump can survive is organize this violence and force against the murderous Jewish deep state.

But is that going to happen to a pragmatic art-of-the-deal billionaire real estate developer?  No.  To be great you must do what is necessary to win and take your place in history.  Trump is no Hitler.  Trump is not organizing his country against the Jews, Trump doesn’t have the right stuff to do this, Trump doesn’t have the intellectual knowledge, stomach, and spine to do what is necessary to save America from Jewish predation.


The spoiled frat boy was no match for the politics of the deep state and many are announcing that the Trump administration will be totally whored to the Jewish Neocon Zionist policies of total war on the world.  That is not good, that means that more war is coming, that means that the Apocalypse in the Middle East is going to be ramped up again and the second half played out.  What it looks like is that Donald Trump is being forced to knuckle under to Bibi Netanyahu and his moles in the United States.

the nations subverted by zionism have high jewish populations


The problem with Amerika is worse than you think, subversive Jews not only hold top positions in state but Jewish ideals are deeply embedded in the American Hebraic culture.  Even worse is that Jews are spiritually protected by the Christian Biblical culture that binds the Gentiles to God’s people that blinds Americans to the reality of a Jewish deep state.


How did the Jews, a mere 2% of the population, conquer America?  The dominant religion of America, Christianity, binds the adherents to the ‘self-chosen-holier-than-thou’ ones. No matter what evil the Jews do to America, like 9112001, many Christians are unable to grasp without their belief system being seriously challenged.  Amerika is a conquered nation just like Palestine and it is only a matter of time before she is treated like Palestine.

For most Christians, particularly the Evangelicals, the Jews are God’s chosen minions. And for God’s people to do evil means that God is doing evil. Christians can not accept that Jews can do evil, so they believe the lie that Jews are the eternal victims of a world that hates godly Jews. Christians are seriously spellbound, the Jews are actually in the same category as God.

christians-confused-about-911 because of their faith

Jews hold top positions in the shadow black government, they infest Wall Street and Hollywood and the Main Stream Media and most Americans don’t care.  Jews even infest most of the Christian religious denominations, they obviously control the Catholic Pope who defends the Holocaust and Global Warming.  Jews are embedded in Western civilization, which is in reality a Jewish converted culture.

Try to convince an Evangelical that Israel did 911 then watch their reaction, they can not emotionally grasp that if the Jews did 911 then they can’t have a special chosen status with God. For many Christians it is simply impossible that Israel did 911, to admit that would unravel their belief system. No matter what, the Christian will side with the Jew even if it means the Jew is committing acts of terror that destroys the Christian society.


The spell is so strong and will require further “punishments” (or as the Christians misname “judgments”) in order to break it. The Jews will raze and burn America to the ground and Christians will loudly proclaim that God is judging America and then give lame rationalizations like homosexuality or abortion as the cause. They can not see that it the Jews, not “God”, that is doing the destroying. America will be leveled long before the brain dead Christian sheep ever figure out their situation.

Christians are in denial and this denial is what keeps Kosher Alex Jonestown in business.  The situation will have to get much worse before Amerika wakes up and smells the Talmud rotting the body politic.  Jews are embedded in the state, culture, and religion.  Jews not only infest Amerika, they are parasitic race draining America of her life force and turning her into a dried up old whore who will be worth nothing to anyone.  If Amerika won’t attack Iran then what use does Satanyahu have for his whore?


As America wakes up the Jews will turn on America and destroy her. Thus we are at the point of revolution, we have to wake up for survival, and as we do the Jews will have their Department of Homeland Security national Jewish protective team waiting. Christian society will be literally burned into a smoldering heap as the revolution commences because the patriot rebels will soon learn that these Christians are also the sycophantic allies of the traitorous Jews.

What I see are American Christians being herded into their Jewish temples (i.e. churches) and burn alive just like the Russian Revolution.  The way the mind parasite will be evicted is with flame, the fever of Jewish spellbinding will be burned out of society because that is what must happen for our nation to survive.  The situation will become more gruesome than anyone can imagine, we have no idea what is coming.  Americans will be forced to face the truth and the reaction could be bloodier than the Civil War.

americans are like john-wick

You must be like John Wick under assault and kill them all.  Men must become virulent persuaders of moral justice, hot women must support their warriors as society re-organizes itself by pulling it’s head out of it’s ass and start doing something about the Jewish problem.  Americans must stop injuring themselves in Jewish wars of conquest and start fighting the Jews and not be their attack dogs.

Look at what they have pulled off thus far, they did 911 and then got us to attack their enemies that has lead to a police state that they control. Nearly all of the DHS grant money goes to Jewish organizations and much of that money goes to fortify Synagogues! The Jews know what is coming and they are already digging in while most Americans have not a clue about the approaching revolution.


I am rededicating this blog to all those who want to live, all those rational thinking persons who love liberty and freedom and are willing to fight for it.  I dedicate this blog to the young men and their woman who are dedicated to our cause of a just society – a Jewish free system based on love and reason and not Jewish ideals or any of the Abrahamic religions.  I dedicate this blog to the life force and those that realize that in order for life to exist the evil must be purged.


Hitler Was Right About the Jews

by Benjamin Garland from the Daily Stormer


The “Holocaust” narrative is used as a shield to protect Jews from criticism and as a weapon to guilt-trip Whites into accepting their own ethnic displacement (i.e. genocide), simultaneously.

Fortunately, though it is shoved down everyone’s throat 24 hours a day, many young Americans could care less about the stupid hoax. Naturally, this is a great concern for the Jews. With Holocaust mythology being the main source of their power, they need the youth thoroughly indoctrinated with it.

Their answer to this predicament: pass more laws making “Holocaust education” mandatory for public schools.

One such law was passed in Michigan about a week ago, with Rhode Island likely soon to follow.

Newsweek says :

It might be surprising to hear that Michigan Governor Rick Snydersigned a bill into law Tuesday that mandates Holocaust and genocide education in the state’s high schools, making it one of only a handful of states that have enacted such legislation. If Rhode Island’s governor signs a similar bill, which the state’s General Assembly passed Tuesday, the country’s smallest state will be next.

Though only a handful of states as of now have these laws, the Jews are no doubt going to keep pushing until they are enacted nation-wide.

Up until 2014, only five states had laws in place requiring all school districts to teach their students about the Holocaust and genocide, prejudice, discrimination or other related themes. California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and Florida each enacted legislation sometime from 1985 to 1994, but then no state followed suit for two decades—20 years that saw Rwanda, Srebrenica and Sudan.

When Rhonda Fink-Whitman heard about a Holocaust and genocide education bill lingering in Pennsylvania a few years ago, she was shocked to learn that these weren’t already required subjects. The daughter of a Holocaust survivor and author of a novel based on her mother’s experiences (94 Maidens), she met then-state representative Brendan Boyle, who had proposed the bill, through the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center in Philadelphia. Around the same time, her college-age daughter had some friends over.They admired a bracelet Fink-Whitman was wearing etched with the words, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” But they didn’t know who Winston Churchill was.

“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”

Interesting choice of quote for this Jew, who herself writes pseudo-historical books about the Holocaust, is it not?


Rhonda Fink-Whitman wants to write history – and then shove it down your children’s throats with oppressive laws.

We in the Alt-Right joke about the Holocaust a lot. This is because what we’ve been told about it – i.e. lampshades made of skin, soap made of fat, gas chambers disguised as shower rooms, and so on – is so nonsensical it deserves to be mocked. And we feel that humor and ridicule is a good way to counter these silly lies, as many people won’t have the time or inclination to read a bunch of boring and technical books and articles, but may be receptive to funny jokes.


There is another important point that needs to be understood about the Holocaust story though, aside from it being a gigantic lie:

Even if did happen, we as White people would have no reason whatsoever to be concerned about it.

That’s right – who cares?

The Jews were the cause of World War II. They started it to crush the one European nation that chose to be the master of its own destiny free of the Jews’ hostile, foreign influence.



So why in the world should we care what happened to the Jews as a result of a war which they started, which cost the lives of tens of millions of our own people, and which they ultimately won?

The Jews were not the victims of World War II – they were the instigators. And they were the winners, while we Whites were the losers.

They know this, and they are proud of it.


Do you think the Jews ever shed a tear over dead goyim? On the contrary, on most Jewish holidays they celebrate the slaughtering of gentiles. On Purim, for instance, they celebrate genociding the ancient Persians by eating pastries in the shape of King Haman’s ears in a mock cannibalistic ritual.

As with everything we write about, these facts are easily verifiable, in many cases from Jewish sources. It’s just that these facts are kept from the masses, while propaganda films like Schindler’s List are regularly beamed into hundreds of millions of homes over Jewish-controlled televisions.

Through the Jewish mass media, important facts about our history become associated in the public mind with the insane ravings of cartoonish neo-Nazi villains such as those found in movies like Romper Stomper, Higher Learning and American History X, while Jews are always portrayed in a favorable or sympathetic light.


Let’s take the following assertions, which I will subsequently verify with an authoritative Jewish source:


  1. Jews believe that they are superior to gentiles and will therefore rightfully inherit the earth.
  2. Marxism is an outgrowth of Judaism.
  3. There is no scientific basis for Marxism; it is a religion.
  4. The religion of Marxism, taken to its logical conclusion, destroys the White race and Western civilization while increasing Jewish power.
  5. The Jews identify with the lower classes in order to use them as a weapon to overthrow the natural leadership of a nation.
  6. Communism comes from the Jewish spirit, and the bloody Bolshevik revolution was the Jewish takeover of Russia.
  7. World War II was at its core a struggle between the Jewish ideology of Marxism and the European ideology of Fascism.
  8. Any gentile who adapts the worldview of Communism, Marxism, Internationalism and/or Democracy becomes a Jew in spirit, for all intents and purposes, as these ideologies serve to further Jewish power and Jewish interests.
  9. Adolf Hitler was right about Jews. He was right that the Jewish problem is at the center of all problems in the world and he was right that the Jewish mind is poisonous to the soul of the White race.

The average person would probably roll their eyes at the above nine statements, due to their indoctrination. I personally believe them to be correct, but they are not entirely my own. Rather they are paraphrased from passages in the 1939 book A Program for the Jews and An Answer to All Anti-Semites; A Program for Humanity, written by a Jewish leader named Rabbi Harry Waton.


Jewish supremacist Harry Waton.

Here are the nine quotes by Waton which will back up the nine statements above.

Note that the following quotes by Waton are not made up or taken out of context. Page numbers are given, and the pdf is found here. More selected quotes by him are found here.

  1. “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth.” (p.99)
  2. “It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism; all this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.” (p.148)
  3. “[W]hen we disregard the scientific cloak of Marxism, we see that in essence it is nothing else than religion.” (p.138)
  4. “[T]he Aryans will be destroyed and Marxism will triumph.” (p.98)
  5. “For identifying themselves with the working class the Jews will incur the displeasure and hatred of the ruling classes, but the Jews must not fear the ruling classes: their rule will be only for a while.” (p.163)
  6. “[T]he communist soul is the soul of Judaism . . . in the Russian revolution the triumph of communism was the triumph of Judaism.” (p.143)
  7. “A bloody world struggle between communism and fascism is inevitable. This is the world situation that faces mankind. . . . The outcome of this struggle will determine the next social order.” (p.139-140)
  8. “Any one who accepts the Jewish world philosophy [Communism, Marxism, Internationalism and/or Democracy], in the whole or in the part, becomes a Jew to all intents and purposes.” (p.159)
  9. “[T]he leader of the German people has no doubt in his mind that the Jewish problem is the center of all problems, not merely in Germany, but in the world. It is useless to dismiss this as an illusion, because if it is, it demands explanation. But it is no illusion. It is the truth. Hitler’s declaration that the Jewish consciousness is poison to the Aryan races is the deepest insight that the Western world has yet achieved in its own nature; and his capacity to realize this is the proof of his genius” (p.199)


The One True Monster God

trump and netanyahu is a wave repeat of mussolini and hitler

Monotheism is the mother of all fascisms.  The one true god meme is the original source of statism and corporatism.  The god meme was used to invent external authority in the minds of men, this evolved into theocracies then modern nation states which licensed monopoly power to corporations.  Eventually these economic powerhouses merged with the state and the system became fascist.

the greater israel project plan is to geniocide all muslims

Monotheism is intolerance for all other viewpoints about god, in the Judaic fascist tradition, all competing gods were destroyed, those tribes worshipping other gods were totally destroyed.  In the Bible text the Israelites are commanded to kill everything and leave no human or animal alive.  This tradition of intolerance evolved into the modern fascist state.  The individual is made subservient to god then to the state.

1 Samuel 15:3 (New International Version)
“Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'”

monotheism is the great evil

The Bible is an instruction manual for genocide and following orders blindly.  What did “god” do to Saul when he didn’t blindly kill every living thing as ordered?  God was filled with regret and anger that not every single thing wasn’t killed!  And this is the monotheistic monster god of the Jews that Christians whoreship!  (They even have the audacity to call the New Testament the “good news” because this same god nailed his only begotten son to a bloody cross!  What lunatic spell we all live under!)


If you love your Abrahamic monotheistic religion don’t complain about the modern intolerance of political correctness, they are both the same damn thing.   The one true god leads you down the road to the one true state, the one true system, the one thing you must obey without question, which is the Jewish World Order.  Obedience is what the Bible cultivates, obedience to your Jewish masters!

Make no mistake what this monotheistic hell religion has beget, the Jewish World Order, worldwide Jewish fascism.  It is this religious intolerance of the Rabbis expressed as a despotic worldwide political system that makes the world hell.  Those under the spell refuse to confront the demon the occupies their mind, Christians call this worldwide despotic system the New World Order because they are unable to confront the demon Rabbi that occupies their brain.  There’s nothing new about it, it’s been their plan all along.

monotheism israel fascism

Monotheism is the original source of fascism, the meme of the one true god became the one true religion then the one true state which beget corporations and monopolistic power.  Then these monolithic corporations consolidated economic power by manipulating the political process until they merged with the state, and Mussolini coined this union fascism or corporatism.

This Judaic based fascism is a potent force in the world, modern democracies are unable to resist the persuasive power of Jewish money control, all western states are now Zionist occupied.  All western nations are bending their knees to the intolerant Jewish criminals that run Israel and the central banks.  Fascism is the one true monster god of the Jews, it all started when Amenhotep/Moses promoted monotheism.  ‘Amen, amen’ is still stupidly uttered at the end of Judaic prayers, although the spellbound sheep have no clue they are uttering the name of the founder of one true god, Amenhotep.

fascism is the-monster-god-yahweh

Oh how the Hebrew tribe lectures us on the evils of Nazi fascism yet practice it themselves, oh how we have tolerated these monotheistic monsters born of the god Yahweh.  What is Yahweh but an outpicturing of the Rabbinic soul on deity, the the one true monster god Yahweh is nothing less than the Jewish supremacist ego.  Yes Virginia, all Christians are whoreshipping Jewish ego as god!

Fool humans whoreship this intolerant ego as god almighty and the result is monopolies in religion, politics, corporations.  Like I say, we are not really that far removed from the trees, humans are still apes, albeit conscious ones and if you don’t dominate then you become dominated.  Do you really want to lick the boot of Jewish tyranny forever and ever?  Do you actually want to end world terrorism?  Then what must we do to stop this Judaic insanity once and for all time?


The center of monotheism in the world is the ancient capital of Israel, Jerusalem.  More blood has been shed in this city than any other, all three of the Abrahamic hell religions have laid claim of it.  Jerusalem has been invaded and attacked nearly a hundred times.  Although this sore on the planet has caused untold misery for mankind, it is considered to be the holiest city of the world.

History of Jerusalem

“During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed 2 times, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times.”

Don’t you think it’s time to stop this insanity?  How do we regain consciousness and come out of the Bible spell?  We end the source of our misery, we end the reign of terror by dropping the bomb on the center point of the Abrahamic evil.  The only way to world peace, the only way to stop terrorism is to end the state that actually sponsors it, Israel.


By nuking the center point of the world’s three monotheistic religions, we would end these three terrible religions and come to our senses about the evil of monotheism.  By ridding the planet of the one true city of god we save ourselves from the most hellish Jewish future.  By glassing over the Dome of the Rock we end all the Abrahamic religions with one blast.  Does my proposal sound unreasonable to you?  That’s only because your mind is spelled and you can’t see reality clearly.

It’s time to roll the B-52s down the runway and point them toward the Jerusalem and give the hell bomb back to it’s creators.  It’s time to end the deadly spell of monotheism, it’s time to free ourselves from the Jew hell religions and their monster god Yahweh.  All it takes is clear vision and will to save ourselves from the Jewish World Order, all we have to do is put the bomb on the center of the monotheistic spell and take out Jerusalem.

end fascism by nuking israel

Is Trump the New Hitler?


I’ve been ordered not to use the “Jew” word anymore.  That’s fine with me.  So can I ask, is Trump the new Hitler?  Really.  That is the question isn’t it?  I’m just a writer asking a simple question based on what I see right in front of my eyes, I see a perfect “wave repeat”.  I see a certain tribe really upset with the election and inauguration of Mr. Trump.  Why would any American be so upset with making America great again?


This essay will not use the “Jew” word.  I am not using the “Jew” word in this essay, I am presenting pictures of our culture taken right off of Google Images and Youtube.  I don’t vote, I am not a Trumpeter, nor am I for the Clintons or Obamas, I think the the state is evil, the Beast of Revelation.  As someone who views the state as demonic, I am only pointing out the obvious wave repeat.


In essay after essay I have detailed more than any other writer on the web how we are in the Apocalypse right now, and it is caused by the Christian right aligned with the Zionist state.  I have shown beyond any doubt that the United States is part of the worldwide beast of Revelation, that the Church created the state and in the end times the state consolidated power and became the beast.

The Apocalypse Unveiled a book by Yukon Jack

I have published a 52 chapter book you can download and read for free online, it’s called The Apocalypse Unveiled, it’s available on therebel.is and wordpress.com.  What I detail is that the Christian hope of a messiah return is a giant force creating the Apocalypse, that this massive thoughtform is manifesting in the now, even though Book of Revelation was written as prophecy of the first century AD.

The Apostles believed that Jesus would return in their lifetimes, Revelation was written by Roman Caesar(s) and it is about Roman rule in that time period.  They wrote prophecy after the fact, Titus is the real Jesus, the New Testament describes a Zealot for authority.  Yes Virginia, Rome wrote the New Testament and Jesus is fiction, Christianity the greatest mind-spell of all time.

I am not for or against Trump, I believe the new President elect has an impossible job of dealing with a planet full of lunatic Apes not far removed from the trees.  The state is force, it can never be made right, someone is always going to get the short end of the stick.  What is important is that Trump is up against “the lobby’ that will never tolerate anything but Israel first.


Ask yourself a very simple question, why would the tribe members in the USA be so upset with Mr. Trump’s rhetoric of making America great again and not being the bully in the world?  Why would any decent human being be against the nation putting itself first?  Mark Dice doesn’t know.  Maybe someone should clue him in on who these people are and why they only tolerate Israel first policies.

all of judea declares war on trump

What did Hitler say about this problem, why was Hitler a National Socialist, why did he make the tribe the enemy of the state?  Until you can answer those questions will you be able to understand the Trump phenomenon and why history is once again repeating itself.

Is not the situation nearly identical, even though we live in a politically correct era and we are not allowed to mention the tribe directly except on the internet.  Are we not being persecuted and genocided by the very same people that Germany faced in the 1930’s?  Is not Trump a wave repeat of the same forces that united the Weimer Republic?

hitler-before-the-reichstag-1939 quote

Although Amerikans are not wheel barrowing loads of dollars to the supermarket, prices have gone way up and conditions were getting desperate for many people – and such a situation is an emotional force that manifests politically.  But is Trump going to get a grip on inflation and the central bank?


The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 1

The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 2

The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 3

The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 4

The Apocalypse Unveiled Book 5


Extinction Level Event – Muslim Hoardes Coming to Europe

hitler was the greatest man of the twentieth century

Do you think for one second Hitler would tolerate what is going down in Germany?  Do you think for one second Hitler would have tolerated the destruction of the Middle East or the treatment of the Palestinians?  Contrary to what the Jew media is telling you, Hitler was sane compared to the suicidal Jew whores politicians who plague the western nations.


Hitler is villanized as the most evil man ever because of his greatness, not only did he have the Jews completely figured out, he organized a Christian nation to resist Jewish predation, he organized the German state to view Jews as the enemy, not because he was a tyrant that needed a scapegoat as liars claim, he did what he did because Jews are the enemy and he loved his people.


Hitler named the Jew the enemy, he was honest and he was brave and he told the truth.  Right now he looks like a genius because of the Muslim invasion now threatens Germany.  Germany and Sweden are facing an extinction level event.  As Arthur Topham stands trial for parodying Germany Must Perish, the Jew plan to wipe out Germany is now reaching completion.  Germans must rise to the defense of the nation because once again Germany is imperiled by Jews.

Germany is dying for the sin of Christianity – the West is infected with a deadly Jewish memetic virus, the Jew has the upper hand and is running the Western nations into the ground.  Christians do not understand the negative influence their religion has on their survival, that not only did Christian dominated societies allow the Jews to rise to power, they are unable to recognize and organize against the Jew during the coup de grâce.

The Muslims need to be returned to the Middle East after Israel is squashed like a dirty bug.  In the meantime Muslims must be put into internment camps and not allowed to integrate into European societies.  Angela Merkel is insane and must be removed from power, will Europe come out of the Christian trance and stop voting for pathetic Jew whores?


Diving Into the Black Hole


American people are really screwed, the nation is diving into a black hole.  Where’s Hitler?  Seriously, right now America needs a charismatic leader to organize the nation against the Jew.  We are so screwed, because not only are we screwed but we don’t even have a plan to stop the screwing!

angel of liberty washington's vision

There is a new hit song that describes the situation in America perfectly, ‘Black Hole’ is a love ballad but imagine if the song was about the seduction of the American dream on the typical American, click on the youtube link to listen as you read the lyrics:

Lyrics: Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli – Black Hole

You pull me in
here we go again
and my heart beats faster now
and I don’t know
why I’m powerless
and there’s no way out.
Don’t let go, is all you say
where you go I will follow
I need to break away
now I know, that all we are
Is never enough.
Cause every little thing you do
it drags me deeper into you
you lead me down all the darkest roads
diving in to the black hole.
Said that we could have it all
kept pushing cause you wanted me to fall
now it’s time that you let go
diving in to the black hole.
Its never enough
cause every little thing you do
it drags me deeper into you
you lead me down all the darkest roads
diving in to the black hole.

What is happening to our dear country?  We have dived into a black hole we’ve gone to hell.  Post tense, the end is approaching, remember the American Pie lyrics?  Don McClean just recently auctioned the song for $1.3 million.  No song in pop history has ever been poured over for prophetic meaning, numerous websites claim the true meaning.


The song is about us, the shift in our consciousness from the 1950’s into the 1970’s.  We are no longer innocent, what happened to us?  Where are we going, what is our fate?  We can all sense the foreboding truth of our impending doom, the black karma of American military aggression is coming home, we can feel it, blackness covers the land.

This Memorial Day 2015 God help us all!

We are completely finished, the Jew has won, God help us this summer as the Jew unleashes hell on us!  Look at what the hell is going down in Syria, another 400 men, women, and children beheaded by ISISrael.   Can you feel it, can you smell the stench of the Jew rotting your nation?

world_war_3  jade helm 2015

I can, and I say all we have to do is revive Liberty and pull her toward us.  To hell with the Jew, I love liberty and so do you, so let’s join forces and route the Jew from our nation and restore the Republic. Throw cynicism from the yourself and love freedom and liberty.